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The Activ8 Camp Code of Behaviour aims to promote positive behaviour among all children in our care.

The ethos of the Camp will be based upon the principle of ‘Respect’.

Our Code of Behaviour aims to help each child to:

The following factors shall contribute to the promotion of positive behaviour:

Modelling by Adults

Camp Leaders behaviour largely sets the pace and mood of the Camp. Leaders shall demonstrate a calm and gentle approach with the children.


Leaders shall be attuned to typical signals coming from children that indicate pending misbehaviour and wherever possible offer alternatives to misbehaviour by redirecting children. When misbehaviour occurs a leader will make clear statements describing the undesired behaviour in a calm manner. This discussion will take place in private and away from other children. Children will be encouraged to draw conclusions for how they could make better decisions in the future. If a resolution cannot be reached or the undesired behaviour persists, the leader will bring the issue to the attention of the Camp Manager who will manage the problem to avoid disruption to the leader’s activity.

Setting Clear Limits

The Manager of the Camp will address the children each morning and describe the activities planned for the day while also reminding the children of the Camp rules. There are three rules on the Camp:

Development of Children’s Self-Image

Leaders will reinforce our high expectations for their behaviour and use praise wherever possible to enhance positive behaviour on the Camp and to bolster self-esteem.

In order for children to learn from their mistakes and to maintain positive relationships with children in our care, leaders will:

In order to enhance the children’s respect for themselves and others, leaders will:

Prohibited Punishments

Children shall not be subjected to the following treatment:

Children will have the opportunity to:

Failure to improve behaviour and repeated incidences will result in:

If the behaviour persists, to ensure that the wellbeing of the other children in the Camp is considered, the Camp Manager will use his/her discretion to:

Steps for dealing with misbehaviour

Please note:

If at any stage the Manager is concerned about the wellbeing of a child or the affect that their behaviour is having on those around them, they may use their judgement to call for parents to collect them from Camp even when a child is attending an ‘Away Day’. This is to ensure that the wellbeing and protection of all children is upheld.