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Every Day is a Learning Day at Activ8!

The Activ8 Summer Camp learning programme provides children of a primary school going age, a structured learning experience which supplements the education programme of most subjects undertaken already at school.

Our summer school or (as we prefer to call it our ‘Camp’) aims to provide children with a wide range of activities which encourages experiential learning while having lots of fun at the same time.

Whether it’s developing children’s physical literacy through a wide range of sports and activities, enhancing scientific knowledge through exciting experiments, partaking in active dance classes or learning how to play a new instrument, engaging with drama and performing at our weekly show, getting creative with our arts and crafts programme, learning and using new ICT skills, exploring the great outdoors through orienteering, stretching out with some yoga poses or calming down with some mindfulness activities, Activ8 Camp has it all!

Our professional, teacher-led staff will ensure that the children in our care are always learning through our eight active strands. Our teachers constantly engage with continuous professional development in all areas of our programme to ensure that we are abreast of new initiatives or methodologies that will improve the learning experience for the children in our care.

The Activ8 ethos of healthy eating encourages children to sample or make a wide variety of foods which we hope will help them make healthy nutritional decisions long after leaving our Camp. We hope that your child will learn new skills that will stand to them in the future and develop holistically by engaging with the Activ8 learning programme.