Every Child at ACTIV8 Camp is a genius

At Activ8 Camp we believe there are many forms of intelligence and we aim to develop self esteem and self confidence by allowing the children to experience a range of activities that develop and help them to identify a range of intelligence types including:

Too often, especially with our current education system in Ireland, there is an over emphasis on linguistic and mathematical intelligence. Summer holidays gives children a break from these types of intelligence and more importantly a greater opportunity to develop the many other types.

Our aim is to allow each and every child realize that they too, are a genius, the challenge is experimenting and finding out where their particular strength(s) is. Maybe they have bodily- Kinaesthetic intelligence and realize this through sampling a variety of sports or creative activities such as art or constructing structures. We are always actively looking to praise good Interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence examples from children and give them opportunities to develop this intelligence type through group games and interactions. Maybe they will discover a musical intelligence type through our opportunity to participate in our taster musical lessons classes or indeed maybe they will identify their spatial, logical or naturalistic intelligence through our many outdoors, team building and orienteering activities.

Our staff will always be looking to identify and praise good examples of the types of intelligence. We appreciate the power that meaningful praise can have on children’s self esteem, confidence and development.