Activ8 Camp aims to:

Create the conditions to help children develop and become happier and healthier.

Help you retain a motivated, focused and committed workforce.

Improve your company productivity, profits and output.

Children's Summer Camp Provider to the Irish Corporate Sector

Activ8 Camp provides a full day summer camp for the children of corporate staff led by our highly experienced, qualified and enthusiastic teachers. The exclusive camp can be tailored to fit the demands of the workforce of individual companies.

We create the conditions to allow staff to be more productive and focused at work knowing their children are busy getting active, creative and having the summer of their lives enjoying Activ8’s innovative and action packed camp programme. We also provide healthy wholesome breakfast, lunch and snacks and organise weekly day trips to some of Ireland’s best adventure locations.
Activ8 Camp appreciates the many challenges facing the staffs of Ireland’s biggest companies to meet both work and family demands, especially during the school holidays.

We believe Activ8 Camp can increase productivity and overall company output by contributing greatly towards a more focused, productive and committed staff. Employees will know their employers value their wellbeing and recognise the importance of their family demands. We are confident this will result in greater staff retention and increased company profits while reducing the need for employee absence and working from home during school holidays.

Activ8 Camp are extremely passionate that our decisions about what foods we put into our bodies and leading an active lifestyle are the most important decisions we make every single day to help us become healthier and happier. We are determined to help combat Ireland’s obesity crisis.

Our caring team are highly qualified and have vast experience working with and developing young people. Our camp leaders are primary and secondary school teachers with further qualifications and expertise in drama, art, physical education, dance and music. Our coaches are qualified and accredited to the highest national standard.

We strive to empower the children to make informed healthy lifestyle choices regarding exercise, food and managing their own mental well being. Children are encouraged to develop their creative and sporting abilities in an explorative, safe and fun environment.