FAQ: How Activ8 Camp works

Activ8 Camp is Ireland’s leading Summer Camp provider for the corporate sector operating numerous camps for multinational companies nationwide

Why invest in an Activ8 Camp for your company?

We offer a unique well-being programme for your employees’ children. The investment in an Activ8 Camp values the needs of workers, companies and corporate leaders.

5 great reason to run with Activ8 Camp summer programme in your company:
  • Increase company productivity, output, and profits by empowering staff to focus on their work knowing that their children are safe, happy and cared for during school summer holidays.
  • Reduce the need for staff absence or working from home during this busy period.
  • Alleviate staff financial costs of employee’s childcare during holiday months.
  • Improve staff retention by building staff morale and job satisfaction enabling employees to feel the company value and care for them on a personal level.
  • Develop a stronger staff community within your workplace by facilitating co-worker’s children attending Activ8 Camp together.
What makes Activ8 Camp the superior camp provider in Ireland for companies?
  • Unlike other camp providers we run a full day camp generally matching company opening and closing hours. (10 hours) from 7:30-5:30pm tends to be the most commonly selected.
  • Our teacher led staff have the qualification, experience and skills to deliver our innovative, creative, active and super fun summer camp programme.
  • Our 8:1 teacher to child ratio prioritises children’s safety and supervision.
  • We organise weekly day trips to some of Ireland’s best adventure locations.
  • Activ8 Camp encourages children to get into the habit of healthy eating by providing nutritious, wholesome foods including a hot breakfast and lunch along with delicious, natural snacks.
  • We aim to educate children to understand the benefits of making healthy food choices to benefit their health, well being and immune system.
  • We are extremely passionate about the quality of service we provide and we tailor our camps to best suit your company and employee needs.
What does the 8 in Activ8 stand for?
  • The 8 represents the 8 active strands of our innovative summer camp activity programme. We have used our expertise to develop a programme which gives the children every opportunity to develop a wide range of physical and creative abilities.
What age child can attend the camps?
  • The camps are for primary school going children aged 5-12 years old.
Where is the camp located?
  • We choose convenient schools or bases with superior facilities located in close proximity (Between 0-3km) to the company.
  • Our suggested location for (COMPANY NAME) (which we have provisionally booked) is:
When does the camp run and what numbers can it cater for?
  • Activ8 Camp already has over 600 children signed up for 2019 across multiple sites in Ireland.
  • An Activ8 Camp typically runs for the full four weeks of July but we also provide the option to run camps during Midterm and Easter breaks too.
  • The numbers per week in our camps can vary from a minimum of 35 children per week upwards to hundreds of children depending on the size and subsidy preference of the company.
Who pays for the camp?
  • That’s entirely up to the company. In our experience companies usually subsidise approximately 75%-85% of the cost for their employees depending on preferences and budget. A company may choose to cover the entire cost for their employees in consultation with the Activ8 Management Team.   
  • We charge a very competitive price per child attending based on a package which is tailored to meet your company needs.
  • The higher the number of children attending, the greater the saving for the company.
How do children get to camp each morning?
  • As Activ8 Camps are located in close proximity to the company base, employees drop their children to camp before work and collect them afterwards. This gives employees the flexibility of starting or finishing work early knowing that their children are safe, having fun and in capable hands.
  • Alternatively a supervised shuttle bus service to transport employees’ children from the workplace to an Activ8 Camp can be arranged upon request.
Will Activ8 Camp add extra work for a company’s HR team? How do parents register?
  • We make registration very easy for the company. Registration forms and payments can all be processed online through our website and secure payment system.
  • We come into your company to promote the camp and meet with parents, prior to registration. We look after the entire registration process directly with employees as we are aware how busy HR departments are.
  • We only require the HR Department to circulate information regarding the camp to staff initially, from then your employees will deal directly with us.
Who delivers the Activ8 Camp programme?
  • Our camp leaders are primary and secondary school teachers with further qualifications and expertise in drama, art, science, P.E and music.
  • Our caring and enthusiastic staff has vast experience working with and developing young people.
For more information:

Please check out www.activ8camp.com for more information on what we do; the 8 Active strands of our innovative programme, company benefits of choosing Activ8 Camp and to meet our brilliant team.