Nutrition & Cooking

We are a healthy eating camp.

Our vision is to promote healthy lifestyles in children from an early age and we feel that diet plays a massive part in achieving this. On every home day a healthy hot lunch will be provided by our gourmet catering team who will cater for all dietary requirements. A selection of healthy treats and snacks will be made readily available throughout the day also and wholesome breakfast can be provided for children also if required. On away days children will bring their own lunch and we would ask parents to ensure that a healthy lunch is included with plenty of water also (Please see Healthy Eating policy for more information on our innovative programme). We will also have one baking/cooking session per week where children will be able to make their own healthy snacks and treats.

Our goal is to get children into the habit of loving to eat nutritious wholesome natural foods on a daily basis as nature intended and to help them to understand the benefits of making healthy food choices to benefit their health, well being and immune system.