Michelle Phelan

Master’s of Education from National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Over 15 years experience as a Primary School Teacher.

Over 12 years experience as an Arts and Crafts facilitator for children of all ages.

Manager of the school production of musicals for a number of years.

Speech and Drama training to Grade 10.

Professional Development Art courses undertaken in NCAD including Print, Clay, Construction, Fabric and Fibre and Paint and Colour.

Facilitator of whole class art projects which have been exhibited publicly.

Keenly aware of the many benefits to children of being involved in drama and art, including the raising of confidence and self-esteem, the enhancement of creativity and imagination and the expansion of oral language skills.

Michelle Phelan
Michelle Phelan
Arts and Crafts/ Drama Co-ordinator at Activ8 Camps